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The Holy Bible puts the Jesus into Jesus Phone. You can read or search through the entire Bible with just a touch of a finger. You no longer have to carry that heavy book around. . .and when you need to look something up, it’s never been easier.

There is a tab for ‘daily reads’, so that once per day you can read a few parts of the Bible. Each day it changes, and if you’re ever wanting more you can always read tomorrow’s.

This application uses a service from that lets you associate things like video, images, links and text to any passage in the Bible. Which helps you(or others in the community) to help explain different parts of the Bible.

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Name:BiblePrice:FREE [Get]
Description:Bible lets you search for and access any passage in the Bible! Choose one of the many translations and check out what other YouVersion users are contributing or even read from the Daily Reading Plan!


  • Pretty good, if someone wanted to read the Bible wherever they went, this would be the app to do it with.


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