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Magic8ball is one of the many Magic 8-ball applications available in the App Store. This one is free so it’s worth checking out if this is what you’re looking for.

To activate this just ask your question and turn it over(face down) then back up to see the answer.

Name:Magic8ballPrice:FREE [Get]
Developer:David M. Syzdek
Description:A magic 8 ball that provides sage answers to all of your questions. Ask a question, turn your iPhone face down, and receive your guidance.


  • Nice, but not as smooth as the other one. I’m not sure why Apple keeps allowing developers to use almost identical or similar names to existing apps….kind of annoying.

  • I agree with Scott in both things, this 8 ball hasnt got as clean lookin graphics as the other, and there is no need for more then a few different applications that are the same thing – its a waste of there servers.

    I think that al though its not worth getting, the other one is better overall


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