iPhone Tip – Keyboard Slide

Even though the touch keyboard is versatile. . .it still takes time to bring up the 2nd set of characters/numbers and then go back to the regular letters. Here I will show you how to automatically go back to your regular keyboard to continue typing.

Instead of touching the “123” button, then touching the character(or number), then touching the “123” button again. You can simply touch the “123” button and slide to whichever character(or number) you want. Then when you let go it automatically switches back to the letter keyboard.

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  • Thanxs soooooo much! ive had to write like that for days! thanx

  • Already knew this but it is a great tip for new iphone owners.

  • Great Tip! Everyone should review this clip!

  • good tip, thanks.

  • I didn’t know about this, and know can’t use the keyboard without doing a slide. Thanks Doug.

  • Good Tip,

    What is that symbol on your keypad between the .?123 and Spacebar?
    Looks like a crosshair or something? I havent seen that before

  • I just push the space button and it goes back too!


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