iPhone Tip – Organize Apps

One of the first updates to the iPhone gave us the ability to move our applications around changing the default order. Now you can not only move them around but also make separate pages for specific things. You can keep your pages organized by having 1 page for media applications and one page for photo applications(and so on).

Just touch and hold any application icon and then you’ll see all of the applications start to wiggle. Now go and touch the application that you want to move slide it wherever you want(even onto another page).

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  • everyone knows that.

  • Yes, and it’s a TOTAL PAIN to move lots of apps around. Specially as it’s very challenging to move an app to the next window. And if you have 7 windows. It is quite the challenge.


    Jason The Saj
  • Exaclty! Would it really be that hard to include the ability to organise your files?? I just saw a youtube video that says you have to jailbreak your pod, then add the organise app – this is stupid!!!

    Just add a setting – organise apps – sort by name, by category etc, really not hard and yet so obvious!!!

    Jim the Apple

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