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XBMC Remote lets you control your XBMC from your iPhone or iPod Touch(no matter if you have XBMC installed on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine).

Play, pause, rewind/fast foward, skip, etc all from the ‘Now Playing’ area of the application. Also, at any time you can go and pick another song or video to play. . .browsing on the iPhone or iPod Touch will not interrupt the media playing on the XBMC(until you pick something else to play).

Simply go into the Settings ‘blade’ of XBMC, then go to System, then Network. Here you can get the IP address. Then go into Server and turn on the ‘Web Server’ feature. If you keep the port at 80 and the password to nothing then you only have to set the IP address.

Some users will need to set the path to the ‘user data’. For me it was Q:/UserData/

Name:XBMC RemotePrice:4.99 [Buy]
Description:XBMC Remote allows complete control of your XBMC – the most advanced media center software available.


  • This app is great, though the price is a little too much for me. Maybe I’m just tired of spending cash for every little thing in the app store. Anyway, once you set up the app it functions really well, although i’ve had many afterthoughts about this app actually being relevant. I know it’s cool to load stuff through an ipod touch or iphone, but I think this app is less useful than remote, unless you’re using your xbox 360 to listen to music…

    Hey Doug, nice to see you rockin’ the original xbox.

  • @T3CKNO I like the XBMC interface much more than streaming to the 360. but to be honest i’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to do much. I did just finish catching up with Lost(all 4 seasons), and now I’m slowly catching up with Heros.

  • I can’t find this app in the appstore…I search for xbmc and xbox, and it turns up with nothing…

    I’m in the UK, so i guess maybe it hasn’t been approved over here?

    Has anyone else found it? If i follow the buy link from this page, i get nothing as well :S

  • I think the XBOX MS IR remote is 10 bucks shipped on ebay. This software is nice, but a gimmick i think. 2 cents.


  • Cheers mate, worked great.

    My mini review –

    Usability – Not bad. Quite buggy. I have quite a lot of media stored in my library, and while it finds the art for the tv shows, it doesn’t seem to want to for the films (maybe because of the number of them? i have about 150 in there…). The “turn upside down to get manual controls” i found by mistake, would be nice if that was written in the app. Many of the buttons simply don’t work with Plex (the mac offshoot of xbmc), such as restart xbmc etc. It also only found about 10% of my music, artists starting with A and B…odd…

    Graphics – The App icon is a bit rubbish IMO. It clearly tries to be similar to the official itunes remote, but looks blurry and small next to it. I would recommend a rebranding using vector graphics, rather than a photoshopped jpeg. The graphics inside the app aren’t that good either, with the “more” section graphics being pixalated, and the album art being squished to fit in set proportions.

    Price – £3 in the UK. Not bad for something like this, but not exactly a bargain. If the bugs in the app were squished and it wasn’t presented as roughly, i would say it was a complete bargain!

    Functionality – You can control every aspect of XBMC (or Plex in my case) from the app, but it’s not that well thought out. However, it does do the job quite well, and it is the only app on the appstore that does this, so i can’t fault it too much.

    Overall – Incredible promise, and a large feature set, but needs to be improved before it is worthy of it’s price/name. Once a few bugs/graphics are fixed, i would say that it will be a great app!!

    As i have said many times in this review, i hope to see updates :D


  • I use xbmc on all the tvs in my house, nothing as functional as a modded xbox for the 40 bucks you can pick them up for now. that and a media server loaded with gbs of tv and movies, and the full compliment of music with the new mediastream skin. pretty.
    This interface is native so its not at all like the web app, its clean and crisp. Lil buggy but itll probably get rubbed out with a few updates.
    If you use xbmc for everything like me this is a no brainer, the price is a little stiff at 5 bucks, but this is one id like to see more of, so they got mine.

  • Appearances are deceitful ;)

  • This is a really great app. Well worth the asking price I thought. Keep those updates coming.

  • I’ve had it for 3 days. Haven’t been able to get it to connect to XBMC on my xbox.

  • Why not Chris? Does it give you an error or something?

  • I love this to bits. Good app, good price.
    One downside to it – the customisation… I can tap the cog for ages, and nothing happens, then it suddenly takes me into the fiddly bits. Ok, then I start getting delicate to place buttons precisely (I have fat fingers, ok?) and then it’s time to tap the cog again. And again. And again. Eventually, it listens, but I’m damn close to chucking the iPhone our my window by then! ;D
    Still – with all my controller ports full of LEDs, being able to control the ‘box by iPhone makes good decorative sense, and it keeps my six-year old’s sticky paws out…

  • It really brings something to the Linux scene. Hope Apple is working in secret to port iTunes to Linux/Unix. Until then this is a great tool. VNC isn’t quite made for remote control.

  • Why did you stop having this project as part of the osi? Shame if you did imo.


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