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TimeLynz is a time management application that lets you find out long ago a past event happened. . .and it also lets you find out how much time there is until a future date. This is a great way to manage multiple deadlines or for a quick reference for past events.

The user interface is very basic but don’t expect anything fancy. It does work exactly how you would expect it to though. I would like to see more features though. Importing your schedule from say Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. would make it more versatile. Also a feature to export the data would be great.

App Store Summary
Name:TymeLynzPrice:$2.99 []
Developer:White Wolf Software
Description:Missed your anniversary? Can’t remember how old your children are? Counting the minutes to your long awaited vacation? Wondering how much time you have to get your weekly status report to your boss?

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