iType combines 2 typing test activities in 1 application. First we have Word Speed where it gives you words to type out and you have a certain amount of time to get as many done as you can. This measures how many WPM you can type. The 2nd is Word Attack where words scroll from right to left and you have to type them before hey hit the left ‘wall’.

My favorite feature of this game is the landscape mode. Instead of forcing everyone to play in portrait mode, you can simply tilt the device to the side and really type(as much as you can with 2 thumbs). Not only can you measure how fast you can type but it’s also great practice to getting better. I know after 10-15 minutes of typing on the iPhone(in landscape mode), I can type at a reasonable speed(30-35 WPM).

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Description:iType is two free typing games in one that hone your keyboard skills in a fun and easy way.

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