Car Finder

Car Finder is a navigation application that lets you mark exactly where your car is. Close the application and everything saves. When you’re ready to find your car, open it up, and follow the directions. You can also look at it on the map so you can find out where it is in relation to where you are.

This application works better if you have the 3G iPhone with the GPS chip. . .it still works for the iPod Touch but it’s much harder to pull off with WiFi triangulation.

App Store Summary
Name:Car FinderPrice:$0.99 []
Developer:Cinn Dev
Description:Trying to find your car? Just use Car Finder to mark where you left your car. You can close the application and then move on. When you need to find the car just open Car Finder and it can either load your spot on the map or give you directions.

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  • This application does not work. It may pin your parking spot, but it does not lead you tp your vehicle. Man times it is off on where you park and today when I was at the MGM in Las Vegas it said I was 1/2 mile from my vehicle when I was standing right besdie it. JUNK!


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