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TaskData lets you wirelessly synchronize notes and tasks with your Microsoft Exchange server. Simply setup your OWA settings and you’re all setup. . .nothing else is required(no fees or anything!).

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With the iPhone 2.0 firmware Apple introduced ActiveSync to allow iPhone and iPod Touch owners to synchronize their contacts, email, and calendar with Microsoft Exchange. Sadly this left out notes and tasks that is included in Outlook. But now with TaskData you can sync everything, and wirelessly too.

I would have had more. . .and better screenshots as well as a more in-depth review, except I don’t use Microsoft Exchange(I just use Gmail). It’s odd to see a 12 dollar price tag on this application. . .but if you need it for work then it is definitely worth it.

App Store Summary
Name:TaskDataPrice:$12.99 []
Developer:Phillip Zedalis
Description:Now with Taskdata you can finally complete your Outlook experience on your iPhone by working with your Tasks and Notes! Easily add/edit/delete tasks and notes that will synchronize wirelessly over-the-air to your corporate network and Microsoft Outlook!

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  • It does not work with Exchange 2003 !

    Jens Ive
  • Yes It Does

    Daryl Clune
  • no it doesn’t….

  • I buy it for use with my exchange 2003 on SBS 2003 Standard, I setup app at settings iPhone, but, when I try to sync the TaskData just close or freeze on sync. I check after a failed sync and didnt transfer any data, or didnt show anything, what could be wrong?

    PD: I apologize for my english.

    Juan Ramirez
  • I agree – I am an IT Administrator and I can’t get it to work either. When I sync it acts like it has done its job – but no tasks show up on the phone. I have tried multiple settings and can not make it work. I know my Exchange 2003 server is set up correctly because mail, contacts, and calendar sync with the phone fine. If anyone knows how to fix it would be appreciated.

    Jason Adams
  • Can someone explain how to setup taskdata for owa.


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