19 Twitter iPhone Apps Reviewed & Compared

Much like the App Store, Twitter has had a lot of growth in 2008(752%). So it’s no surprise that there are multiple iPhone applications that let you access and use Twitter. Below are 19 applications from the App Store(7 paid and 12 free) that utilize Twitter in some way or another.


LaTwit – $2.99

latwit public latwit friends latwit replies latwit individual

LaTwit isn’t the prettiest Twitter client in the App Store, but it is very functional. You can browse the public timeline, just your friends’ tweets, your personal tweets, as well as the @ Replies for yourself.

latwit browser latwit settings 1 latwit settings 2 latwit twitter details

Like something someone said in the public timeline? You can go into individual profiles for that person and not only see their personal tweets, but you can also browse the website that they link to directly inside the LaTwit application.

There are plenty of settings that you can go through to not only customize the application, but also how it connects to your Twitter account.

Nambu – $1.99

nambu-twitter-1 nambu-twitter-2 nambu-friendfeed-1 nambu-configure

Nambu is more than just a Twitter client. Nambu also integrates FriendFeed, Identica, Ping.fm, and Laconica right into the same application. You don’t get as much Twitter functionality as you do with LaTwit(like a public timeline), but your basic functionality across all services is all there.

nambu-tweet nambu-search-1 nambu-search-2 nambu-settings

Even though there is less functionality, the design is a lot better. You get a notification button above each tab showing you how many new messages you have for that specific service. For Twitter you can look through your friends’ timeline and your @replies(along with search).

Tweetsville – $3.99

tweetsville-timeline tweetsville-tweet tweetsville-direct-messages tweetsville-trends

Tweetsville was released by the creators of Tap Tap Revenge(Tapulous). It may be cost more than most of their other applications, but it is well designed and packed full of features. I think the only thing that isn’t included is a public timeline and @replies. Instead of those you get access to your direct messages, advanced Twitter search, and even the current trends.

tweetsville-search tweetsville-a-search tweetsville-configure tweetsville-settings

I’m surprised that Tapulous would leave out those features, but maybe we’ll get them in future updates.

Summizer – $2.99

summizer-list summizer-search summizer-action

Summizer is an iPhone interface into Twitter Search. You can search(or browse) through either the popular trends or you can search for keywords of just everyday tweets.

summizer-reply summizer-trends

You can’t send individual tweets out, but if you find something you like then you can do things like reply to that person, retweet their message, etc.

Twittelator Pro – $4.99

twittelator-pro-public twittelator-pro-user twittelator-pro-groups twittelator-pro-settings

Twittelator Pro is the professional version of Twittelator(duh). In this version you get much more features and functionality than you would with the free one. Here you can go into the public timeline, you can just view your friends tweets, just your replies, and you can even create sub-groups from within the application. Adding friends to a specific sub-group makes it super easy when you want to look for tweets from just your close friends, family, or co-workers. This professional version also comes with multiple color schemes. . .it defaults to purple, but you can change it to black, grey, blue, or tan.

twittelator-pro-search twittelator-pro-new twittelator-pro-sub-groups twittelator-pro-accounts

Twittelator Pro comes with all of the features you would expect in a full-featured Twitter client for the iPhone. You can send tweets, replies, direct messages, and so on. You can use Twitter Search(built right in) to search for things, or you can even go into Twitter Trends and browse through the hot topics currently on Twitter.

In my opinion, most of those features should be mandatory in a Twitter client, but my favorite one is the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts. . .and switch through them rather quickly. It takes a few seconds to load another account, but other than that it’s quite speedy. And you can have as many saved accounts in the application as you want.

Tweetie – $2.99

tweetie-friends tweetie-replies tweetie-direct-messages tweetie-more

Tweetie reminds me of Twittelator Pro in some ways, but definitely has it’s unique design and different features. As you can see Tweetie uses the speech bubbles that you’re probably familiar with from text messaging on your iPhone. You don’t get a public timeline, but you do get your friends tweets, replies, direct messages, and even nearby tweets. Tweetie uses your current location and then searches Twitter for other users that are close to you, and then pulls up their tweets.

tweetie-nearby tweetie-tweet tweetie-profile tweetie-accounts

A great feature that is included in Twittelator Pro that is also in Tweetie is the ability to add(and switch between) multiple Twitter accounts. Add as many accounts as you want and you can switch between them very quickly and very easily.

Twitteriffic Premium – $9.99

twitteriffic-premium-friends twitteriffic-premium-direct-message twitteriffic-premium-settings-1 twitteriffic-premium-settings-2

Twitteriffic Premium is the professional version of Twitteriffic(the free version). This version gives you an additional them and removes the ads from within the application. But that is it, no extra features or anything. I love that it comes with ‘hint windows’ in case it’s your first time using the application(to help you learn what everything does). You’ll notice that there aren’t any tabs for replies, direct messages, etc. Instead you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Tweets. You’ll notice that the ones at the bottom are a different color, which indicates replies and direct messages.

twitteriffic-premium-detail twitteriffic-premium-tweet twitteriffic-premium-user-info

You can read tweets in 2 different modes, list mode and expanded mode. Whichever mode you pick, you will still be able to scroll through them. . .it’s just that expanded mode only shows 1 tweet at a time(but you can scroll through them that way as well). You have quick access to friends and followers’ profiles. . .but you can’t follow or unfollow anyone from within the application(dont know why). It does come with a built in browser, so you can view links sent in a tweet without having to leave the application(major plus). . .but you get all of these features in the free version as well.


Twitter Trend – Free

twitter-trend-hot twitter-trend-rising twitter-trend-emerging

Twitter Trend isn’t exactly a Twitter client, but more of an interface into the most active topics being talked about on Twitter right now. Monitor the Hottest, the Rising, and Emerging keywords. I’m not sure(it’s not documented) but I would assume it’s pulling the data from Twist.

twitter-trend-more twitter-trend-keyword twitter-trend-updates

Once you find a keyword you’re interested in you can go in and find the recent tweets from every person talking about it. You can even drill down into the account that tweeted it and look at all their tweets(which is pulled from the mobile version of Twitter).

Gyazickr – Free

gyazickr-photo gyazickr-post gyazickr-posted

Gyazickr isn’t exactly a Twitter client either. . .at least not a full featured one. Instead, with Gyazickr you can send out a tweet, and include a picture with it. The picture can be taken live, directly from the application. Or it can be pulled from your Photo Roll.

gyazickr-mobile-twitter gyazickr-settings

The image is then uploaded to Flickr and linked to at the end of your tweet.

Twitfire – Free

twitfire-tweet twitfire-photo twitfire-link

Twitfire is a minimalistic Twitter client that lets you send multiple types of tweets. Send text, photos, web links, current location(Google Maps), and @replies. That’s as far as it goes though, you can only send out messages. . .there’s no reading in this application.

twitfire-location twitfire-reply

Twitfire is a simple free application that you can open up to quickly send out tweets so that you can go about your business.


justupdate-stats justupdate-screen

I wish I could fully review JustUpdate, but every time I open the application it closes. When it first opens up it asks if you want to participate in some statistical collection project. I declined this, but I guess I shouldn’t have. Ater that it asks you for your username and password for Twitter. I get half way through the password and the application quits.

Now each time I open it up I get a blank signout/post screen, the screen dims, and then it quits again. I restarted the iPhone, but I still get the same issue. At least I didn’t waste any money on it though(since it’s a free application).


lifecast-menu lifecast-configure lifecast-blog lifecast-test-tweet

LifeCast is not just a Twitter client(albeit a simple one), but it’s also a client that you can use to post content on multiple platforms(wordpress, blogger, etc). Since LifeCast was made to send messages(and photos), you won’t be able to read tweets that your friends send(including @replies) or direct messages. So it’s sort of like Twitfire, in which you can only send tweets(with the added functionality of the other platforms).


twitterlink-blank twitterlink-settings twitterlink-add-bookmark

Twitterlink is just that, a way to send links(shortened URLs) with some text to your Twitter account. The process isn’t as straightforward as you might like, but then again it’s not that hard either. After installing the application you have to add a bookmarklet. This is easy to find, you should see the option when you fill out your username and password. This takes you to a page and you need to add that page as a bookmark. . .then go into your bookmarks and deletion a portion of the url(everything before the word ‘javascript’).

twitterlink-add-url twitterlink-testing twitterlink-sending

Once that is saved, anytime you’re browsing a website you can go to your bookmarks, select the new bookmark and MobileSafari will close. Then Twitterlink will open up and grab the shortened URL. Now you can just type up your tweet and press send. The application will then close and take you back to MobileSafari(to the same page that you just tweeted).


tweeter-test tweeter-theme tweeter-footer tweeter-settings

Tweeter is a output only Twitter client. If you have something quick to say then you can just open up the application, quickly type in what you want. . .and then tweet away. It comes with 2 different color schemes to choose from(light and dark) so if you normally use it in the dark you can use the dark theme so it’s not so bright all the time. They also have an option to setup a ‘footer’ for your tweets. This way a predetermined footer can be setup and added to the end of each tweet you send out from within the application(like the email application adds ‘sent from my iPhone’ at the bottom of your emails.


twitterfon-friends twitterfon-replies twitterfon-direct-messages twitterfon-search

TwitterFon is the best free iPhone Twitter client(in my opinion). The design isn’t something special, but it has a bunch of features that aren’t normally present in the other free Twitter clients for the iPhone. You can monitor your friends’ tweets, replies, direct messages, trends, nearby tweets and even search through Twitter.

twitterfon-trends twitterfon-nearby twitterfon-new-tweet

You don’t get themes like you do in Twitteriffic Premium or Twittelator Pro. . .but all of the features are there. . .and that’s what matters. It even comes with a browser inside the application so you can look at links sent in tweets from your friends. It’s nice to have all of those features wrapped into one client(and it’s free too).


twitteriffic-timeline twitteriffic-expanded twitteriffic-user-info

Twitteriffic is the free version of Twitteriffic Premium(duh), but the best part is that this version isn’t missing any features. In case you’re not up for paying 10 dollars for an Twitter client for the iPhone. . .you can still get all the great features.

twitteriffic-settings-1 twitteriffic-settings-2

The only difference between this version and the premium version is that this one doesn’t have the ‘additional theme’, and this one also comes with advertisements implanted in the stream of tweets.


twittelator-everyone twittelator-groups twittelator-search

This is the free version of Twittelator Pro(shown above). In this version you get less features, but still it’s a great overall Twitter client. You get all of the ‘core features’ that you would think come along with a Twitter client. It’s things like nearby search, copy/paste, etc that you don’t get.

twittelator-emergency twittelator-tweet twittelator-settings

In the free version you don’t get the extra themes, you can’t have multiple accounts, it doesn’t display photos in tweets, no copy/paste for tweets, no Twitter trends, and you don’t have the ability to search for Twitter users nearby.


twittervision-locate twittervision-loading twittervision-tweet-1

Twittervision is less of a Twitter client but more of a Twitter utility. Instead of sending tweets with this application you can only read tweets here. But instead of the traditional way of seeing tweets you get to see them on a map of the entire world. If a tweet comes in from Spain, the map moves to that region and shows you what that person just tweeted. The same goes if the tweet comes from Atlanta or New York. . .you get to visually see where they come from.

twittervision-tweet-2 twittervision-translate twittervision-tweet-3

It also comes with a great translator in case you can’t read a tweet that comes from Japan, China, etc. Just double tap on a tween and you’ll notice that it translates it live and outputs the text in English. In a crowded market of Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPod Touch(19 different apps). . .this one is the only of it’s kind.


twinkle-nearby twinkle-messages twinkle-settings

Twinkle was the first Twitter client for the iPhone to utilize the the location feature and begin to boast about that feature. Sadly Tapulous has added some sort of restriction that requires you to signup with a Taplous account. It’s not a huge deal but it still makes you wonder why they feel like they need to keep your email address. I’m sure they just use it to boast some stats but it just makes you think twice. There isn’t a feature in Twinkle that isn’t in some of the other applications to make you think like you have to use this one.


Out of 19 Twitter applications which one do you use? These were the only Twitter clients that I could find, but with how spotty iTunes search can be, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few others. After using all of these applications(30 dollars worth), I have to say I like Twittelator Pro the best. It has all the feature that I would want in a Twitter client on my iPhone, and it maintains the minimalistic feel to it(which I like).


  • Thanks, I’ve been wanting to read something like this.

    Is there a similar review of all of the wikipedia apps out there somewhere — or maybe there will be soon? *wink wink*

  • I’ve used Twinkle since it was first out for jailbroken phones. Just discovered that flipping the phone horizontal get’s you the public timeline on a global map (ala Twittervison).

    Robert C.

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