Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel of Fortune is just that, Wheel of Fortune on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Play the game that you’ve always watched at home on TV. Play by yourself or against 2 other computer opponents.

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The best part about Wheel of Fortune is that even if you’ve never seen the game show, it is still a fun puzzle game to play. You spin the wheel and hopefully you’ll land on an amount of money. Guess a letter and earn the amount of money equal to how many of those letters are in the puzzle(so if you land on 500 dollars, you guess N and there are 2 of them. . .then you get 1000 dollars). Avoid the lose a turn, bankrupt, and small money spot, and try to get the bigger money spots(and bonuses). Again, if you’ve ever watched the TV show then you know how to play it.

This does a great job of giving you the experience of the game like you were on the game show yourself. Solve over 1000 different puzzles which keeps this game playable for hours and hours and hours. I know I couldn’t put the game down for 2-3 hours when I first started playing it.

The game says it comes with 1000s of puzzles, and I hope that Sony will update it multiple times in the future to keep the game fun to play. I think they will because I don’t see them releasing a ‘Wheel of Fortune 2’ anytime soon. Maybe specialty ones(like for Halloween, Christmas, Movies, etc). . .but that’s it.

App Store Summary
Name:Wheel of FortunePrice:$4.99 []
Developer:Sony Pictures Television
Description:Spin the Wheel, pick a letter or buy a vowel, and solve the puzzle! In America’s most popular game show, use the touch screen to play the game yourself!

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