iMakeDecisions is a collection of just about every decision making application that you can think of. From playing cards, to the magic 8-ball. . .from coin tosses to a numbered dart board. You can literally let this application most of your future decisions.  Read More →


ACTPrinter lets you carry any documents that you would normally print. . .but lets you bring it with you as long as you have your iPhone or iPod Touch. Never waste another piece of paper again!  Read More →


Jumble! isn’t a word jumble game. . .but actually an object stacking style game(much like Topple). The goal is to stack the random objects above the goal line and then hold it for 5 seconds.  Read More →

Movie Challenge

Movie Challenge is just that, a movie trivia challenge game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it actually uses the OS interface that you’re already used to with your device.  Read More →

Blackbeard’s Assault

Blackbeard’s Assault reminds me a lot like Bubble Bobble, where the balls drop down from the top, but in this version the balls are being pushed around a twisting and turning route.  Read More →

Sync in a Blink

Sync in a Blink lets you work with your contacts on your iPhone and in your Gmail account. Just setup your Gmail details and press 1 of 2 buttons.  Read More →

Sonic Vox

Sonic Vox lets you add sound effects to your voice in ‘real time’ right when you talk into the device. There are 5 different effects you can do to your voice. . .and you’re able to tweak each effect to get it just right(like the pitch).  Read More →

ILeaseMyCar Pro

ILeaseMyCar Pro lets you figure out just how much your payments would be if you leased or purchased a car at any moment in time(at home or right at the dealership).  Read More →

Meditate Now!

Meditate Now! helps you calm down and teaches you the proper methods of meditating for specific reasons(sleeping, calming down, diet, etc).  Read More →


Tubey lets you create videos directly on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Tubey makes it super easy by providing a bunch of different background music and even uploading the video to their servers(and even  Read More →