With over 200,000 applications in the iPhone App Store it's hard to find the really good ones. After an application first comes out and the initial hype dies down a great application can get lost in the shuffle. As I go through hundreds and hundreds of apps I will add the best of the best to this list below. That way anyone who gets an iPhone or iPod Touch today or 2 months from now, they can look at a great list of the best apps available.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama has officially been ported to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Now you can cook over a dozen different meals(full meals), or have a cooking contest with about the same amount of actions(cut, chop, fry, etc).  Read More →

Let’s Golf!

Let’s Golf! is a great Golf game from the developers behind The Oregon Trail(Gameloft). With an entire 3D game engine including over 60 different holes, 4 different courses, 4 different characters. . .this game will keep you playing for a long time.  Read More →

TV Forecast

TV Forecast helps you find out the next NEW episode of your favorite TV shows. Instead of turning on the TV and finding out it’s just a re-run, now you can see ahead of schedule(even months ahead) to find out the next time a set of shows comes on.  Read More →

Wolfenstein 3D Classic

Wolfenstein 3D Classic includes all 6 original episodes which is 60 levels of Nazi killing fun. With 4 different control styles to pick from you can pick through and find your most comfortable way to play.  Read More →


LightBike is one of the most accurate video games based on the Snake style game played in the famous Sci-Fi movie Tron. You pick a color bike and then play against the other players in the game.  Read More →

I Love Katamari

I Love Katamari is a another chapter in the Katamari Damacy series. You are the prince and it is your job to clean up the trouble that the King has created. Go from world to world and collect as many items in your ball and then pick up the ‘key’ item before the time runs out.  Read More →

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is just that, Wheel of Fortune on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Play the game that you’ve always watched at home on TV. Play by yourself or against 2 other computer opponents.  Read More →

Arcade Bowling

Arcade Bowling is a great Skeeball game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enhanced with neon lights to make the game more appealing, it’s the gameplay of this game that really makes it good.  Read More →

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a game that most of my generation played when they grew up. The goal is to get one one side of the country to the other(Oregon), without losing your entire family.  Read More →

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Metal Gear Solid Touch is a chapter in the Metal Gear Solid 4 story. Control Solid Snake just like in MGS4 and shoot the enemies before they shoot you(or destroy your cover).  Read More →