The 10 Best Yoga Apps for Fitness

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India over five thousand years ago. With all of these benefits, it can be difficult to find time for a full-length class each week. Luckily, there are […]

Best Hiking App for Apple Watch

Thanks to all of the technology available to us today, hiking has never been easier. With so many smartwatches entering the market, we’ve seen an increase in apps that help with practically every day-to-day activity, […]

Best Notes App for Apple Watch

Technology has truly revolutionized every aspect of our lives – by this point, there is a new smartphone or tablet launching on the market every other month. We don’t mean to sound privileged, but we’re […]

Best App for Video Collage

Like with most things since the invention of the smartphone, you don’t need to be an expert videographer or filmmaker to produce a good quality video collage. There are loads of different apps that will […]

Best Zip App for Android

Zip files are often ones that you download from the internet. They are compressed files so that they take up less space. When they have been downloaded you will need a special app to ‘unzip’ […]

Best Apps for Learning Japanese

There are many reasons to learn Japanese – to be able to watch anime without the subtitles, to be able to build better business relationships, to challenge yourself, or maybe you’re going there on holiday.  […]

Waking Up App by Sam Harris – Review & Promo Codes!

Description Sam Harris’s meditation app, Waking Up, is quickly becoming one of the most popular productivity apps for people looking to pursue meditating. It has a nearly perfect 5-star rating with countless positive reviews all […]

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