5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner

Smartest Apps LLC
iOS 8.0 +


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Product Description

Be the first to know about tornadoes, floods, shootings, riots, looting, protests, hurricanes, earthquakes, bombings, terrorist and crime waves happening near you.

Join the tens of thousands of new users daily and tap into over 50,000 live police, firefighter, emergency medical ambulance, emt, air traffic control (ATC), railroad, ham radio, NOAA weather, news, talk, sports, and music stations.

* Why Upgrade to Pro? *
– Adds More Feeds
– Removes Ads
– Record Feeds and Email Recordings
– Sleep Timer / Alarm
– Siren Noise maker
– Access to cool new backgrounds
– Even more Airport feeds
– Even more Railroad feeds
– Even more NOAA weather feeds
– Get new feature updates
+ More

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As seen on NPR, CNN, New York Times, 9to5 Mac, MacWorld, Wired Magazine, and various other news organizations.

Listen to real events happening live in other parts of the world or in your local town. Listen to radio chatter in the background while you run other apps. Listen to new music as you surf the web. Share the stations you are listening to with your friends. They do not need to buy this app to listen to the feeds that you share with them.

* Features *
– Listen to feeds in the background while you run other apps or write emails/text messages.
– Chat with other listeners in real time.
– International support. There are feeds in many parts of the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, Russia, Japan, Sweden, UK, Israel, Europe, and more.
– Automatically attempts to reconnect the feed if you lose the connection.
– Browse one of the largest collection of feeds you will ever find in the App Store.
– Search through the feeds with any keywords (enter your city name to find local radio stations).
– Browse through radio feeds by genre (Police, Railroad, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, R & B, etc.)
– Customizable Interface. Download new skins for free or create your skins.
– Integrated map finds your location and the location of most scanner feeds.
– List the Top 100 most-current-listeners feeds so that you wouldn’t miss an important event
– The catalog is instantly updated as soon as you start browsing it, with new feeds added every few hours.
– Built-in Web Browser; so that you can browse the web while using this app. The built-in web browser is a powerful browser that can block ads.
– Use the built-in web browser to browse the web for more feeds such as air traffic control feeds, weather, and railroad.
– Search for air traffic control feeds by the airport code (i.e. LAX, JFK, HKG).
– Share feeds to your friends by email. All they need is a computer or iPhone to listen to your feeds.
– Listen to feeds on your own desktop computer or laptop. Just email a link to the feed to yourself and open it with iTunes.
– You location not listed here? Add your own feeds. There are plenty of feeds on the internet. Now you can add them all to one app.
– Your favorite feeds show up as soon as you start the app, and they can be sorted/edited by you.

Feed Requests
Want to make a feed request? Go to http://SmartestApple.com for more information on how to do so.