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iOS 6.0 +


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Product Description

Get current and precise weather conditions (METAR) as well as weather forecasts (TAF), which are used by pilots for their flight preparations. You can choose worldwide airport weather stations from the built-in database by either name or ICAO code. Data will be shown in its original format or fully decoded into easy understandable texts.

> Try out AeroWeather Lite for free first.

Get even more functionality with AeroWeather Pro. It has all features of the freely available AeroWeather Lite app plus many more:
– built-in group “nearby” always shows weather in your area
– create groups of stations and have them sorted individually
– displays optionally up to four previous METAR’s (raw format only)
– possibility to add own comments for each station
– improved search includes filters for name, ICAO, IATA, and country (resp. states for US and Canada)
– e-mail raw METAR/TAF of a group
– today widget on iOS 8 or higher
– switch between day and nighttime display mode
– base-reflectivity radar within detail view (US coverage only)
– details of US airports include AWOS information (type, frequency, and clickable phone number)
– all user data can be backuped & restored via e-mail (useful in case of re-installing app or to transfer data to different iPhone/iPod/iPad)

Available in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, and Swedish.

AeroWeather Pro uses weather data from freely available US NOAA and FAA services, which cannot be guaranteed. The cost for AeroWeather Pro is just for creation of the app and not to pay for any weather data. There are no additional charges for freely available weather data sources. There might be in-app purchases of additional data in future for data which I have to pay for as well.