Age Calculator from Birthdate

Age Calculator from Birthdate

Age Calculator from Birthdate

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Product Description

This app: Smart Age Calculator provides a very simple user interface and easy to use. Just use the dob calculator to know your exact age in years, months, days, minutes and even in seconds.

Use this Amazing App to know How old am I or How old are you? With the help of Birthday calculator, you can calculate your age by dob and see the all upcoming birthday with date and day.

Features of the App:

1. Calculate your age by date of birth with the help of Age calculator
2. See yours Western Zodiac sign and also Chinese Zodiac sign
3. See your personality traits based on your Birth-date
4. Know all upcoming date of birth of you & your friends
5. Save your friends and family date of birth with their high-quality pictures
6. Update the picture at any time clicking on the circular avatar
7. Smart Age Calculator app has SWIPE TO DELETE functionality
8. You can sort the saved Date notes based on your requirement ex. Name, Age, Priority,
Upcoming Birthday
9. Read More than 100 facts about Human
10. See your Horoscope
12. Save your dates in the app including birthdays, anniversaries, history dates and any
special event date with the help of this app (Smart Age Calculator from birthdate)