AirWatch Agent

AirWatch Agent

AirWatch, LLC
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  • 2009-12-20
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 5.7
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The AirWatch® Agent app links your IT team to the apps, email, wi-fi, and other resources that help you be as productive as possible. Personal data such as emails, text messages, photos, videos, web browsing, and phone calls are safeguarded and won’t be shared with your IT department. 


AirWatch® Agent also lets you:

View Device Details

Stay in compliance with your IT department’s corporate rules regarding device status by accessing up-to-date information. 


Stay in Touch with IT

With quick access to vital updates from your IT department’s email and phone support, you can instantly access email and phone support. 


View Telecom Usage

Keeping track of your data consumption with company-issued devices is simple to avoid exceeding usage limits.


Important Note:

AirWatch Agent requires the required AirWatch infrastructure to operate. Please contact your IT administrator for any questions. 


Final Thoughts

The AirWatch® Agent app provides a unified and easy way for your IT team to manage devices. Whether you work all of the devices in your company or manage just a few, the AirWatch® Agent app is the right solution for you. From mobile workstations to iOS and Android devices and everything in between, the AirWatch® Agent app gives you the power to manage everything and get visibility into your company’s IT while maintaining corporate standards and controls.

As you use the AirWatch® Agent app, you’ll discover that it’s more than just a management app. It’s also a powerful tool for end-user experience management and business intelligence. The app allows you to view and manage all devices, provide support and communication when your users have problems, and keep track of their contacts and communication. You can integrate the app with your existing corporate policies and business processes to create a unified mobile experience for your users and employees.

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