Carmesina – The Guardian of Imagination

Carmesina - The Guardian of Imagination

Carmesina – The Guardian of Imagination

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Product Description

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“The Guardian of Imagination” is an amazing application where you will find a secret world of entertainment with stories, pictures and games that only you will be able to discover as you open the chests. Do you dare to enter the storehouse?


Play Creatividad’s latest creation, developers of the award-winning and critically acclaimed “iPoe Collection”.


“There once was a world that had lost all its colors because the people in it had ceased to imagine. A mysterious rule forced them to renounce their dreams and lock them up in wooden boxes. Night after night, they would leave those boxes on their doorsteps, and, just before dawn, I would pick them up and take them away to the Storehouse of Dreams. That was my secret mission… secret until today. Now I am throwing open the doors and inviting you to come in and discover all the dreams that are kept here.”
The Guardian of Imagination


What you’ll find:
– Fantastic illustrated stories with original soundtrack.
– Mini-games that will fuel your ability and creative spirit.
– Extraordinary wallpapers.
– Inspiring characters.
– And mysteries, keys, secrets and hideouts of the Warehouse of Imagination.

Main features:
– Available in English, Spanish, Catalan and Italian.
– Original Soundtrack from the composer of iPoe Collection.
– Interactive stories and mini-games inspired by the successful book “Forgotten Colors and Other Illustrated Stories”.