Database for The Elder Scrolls Online

Database for The Elder Scrolls Online

Database for The Elder Scrolls Online

iOS 7.0 +


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Product Description

It’s an ultimate solution for any player to the new MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online™. There’re everything you need for a good game. App completely works OFFLINE.?

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“ESO DB – Very helpful, worth getting.Was able to plan my ultimate character with this :)”
– by LordDrago

“Great companion app for TESO! – Highly recommended!”
– by Sevren117

“Awesome – Great app. A ton of very useful info on the palm of your hand from combat to crafting to racial to classes to maps and dungeons. Learned a lot from this app and still do. Highly recommended for any ESO player.”
– by Champollion84

• Build Editor
• Skyshards
•Treasure Maps
• Alliance War
• Books
• Guides
• Items
• Recipes
• Skills
?• Videos
• Zones
• Quests
• RSS News about the game

• Optimised for iOS8?
• iPhone & iPad supported?
*Build Editor
Clear and easy to use build editor, allows you to plan your character, save, load and share builds.

* Guides
Tons of useful and nice guides that will be useful for both novice and experienced players.

* Items & Recipes
Full info for each item and recipe: stats, recipe, ingredients, etc.

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