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  • 2011-03-08
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  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 3.20.4
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To increase the security of logins, Duo Mobile integrates with Duo Security’s two-factor authentication service. For quick, one-tap authentication, the software creates passcodes for login and has a push notification feature.

Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other applications and web services that use passcodes.


Easy, One-Tap Authentication

Duo Push, the more secure two-factor authentication method that Duo Mobile supports, makes it easy and quick to log in securely. With Duo’s simple, one-tap interface, users can quickly verify their identity by approving push notifications before accessing applications. It’s just as easy to turn down a login from someone you don’t know, so users can easily stop scammers from getting into company data.


Security Checkup

By giving users a security score for their devices, Security Checkup lets them use Duo Mobile notifications to keep their mobile devices safe. Duo Mobile lets you use this feature on both iOS and Android.


Duo Restore

With Duo Restore, you can let your users back up and restore their Duo Mobile apps. With this feature, Android and iOS Duo Mobile users can back up their Duo-protected accounts and access them on a new device without submitting a help desk ticket.



Duo Mobile is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your online accounts. By using two-factor authentication, you can be sure that only you will have access to your accounts, even if someone manages to guess your password. We highly recommend setting up Duo Mobile for all of your important online accounts.

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