Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro

Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro

Flashlight : Brightest Flashlight Pro

iOS 4.3 +


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Product Description

The Flashlight just got Brighter! Brightest Flashlight Pro offers you multi-purpose flashlights with a New Flashlite dimmer! Handy as a night light when you need it. The flash light is a must have!

? New! Flashlight Slider/Dimmer for setting the Camera Flashbulb and LED light to your preferred Brightness!!
? Now the BRIGHTEST iPhone 4,5,6+ Flashlight! Optimized for iOS 7 and 8!
? Includes iPhone 4/5/6 + Brilliant FlashLight with a Dual Mode LED FlashLight and Camera Flashbulb Slider!
? No Ads – Ever!
? ‘LIGHT up Your WORLD’ ? AT .99¢ – A Must Have! * The Brightest
Flashlight Available -Guaranteed!!

FlashLight – NiteLight – PurseLight – CampLight – KeyLight – TorchLight – Torch
ComputerLight – SearchLight…so many Great FlashLight uses for your iPod, iPhone,
and iPad!

“Very Useful – Worked well in the dark last night trying to plug-in a
space heater while the toddlers were sleeping. Very bright and
wonderful interface.”
– iPhone6 – 5 STARS

Brightest Flashlight Pro is a great flashlight that offers you the
brightest flashlight settings for your iPhone, iPhone 4/5/6 +, iPod and
iPad! Very Handy for night time illumination. Use Brightest Flashlight
not only as a Flashlight, but as a night light and reading lamp as

Features include:

? The Brightest Flashlight in the Store!
? Flashlight Slider to adjust the Camera LED Flashbulb Brightness – NEW!!
? SOS strobe for signaling