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Product Description

There’s nothing quite like hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time! Flutter turns your phone into a mini stethoscope, allowing you to hear and record your child’s heartbeat starting at the 20-24th week of pregnancy. Crisp HD graphics for all hi-res displays!

“I am very pleased, enjoying the little heart beats! :)”
“Beautiful and intuitive.”

NOTE: The zodiac predictions are free; making and saving heartbeat recordings can be unlocked via IAP/EAP. Send support inquiries to contactus @ ittakesavillage.tips; this app cannot improve without your feedback!

– Live monitoring and recording of your baby’s heartbeat during the last 12-16 weeks of pregnancy.
– Pulse estimation (beta).
– Live PCG (phonocardiogram) readout of the heartbeat.
– Save, rename, and access your recordings for later.
– Zodiac projections for your baby based on your due date. What kind of little person will they be? This offers infant and early childhood parenting tips based on their astrological sign.

– Headphones without an embedded microphone.
– Pre-iPhone 5 users can record and listen at the same time. iPhone 5+ users can record and listen afterwards, as the headphones prevent the mic from being placed against skin.

– Feel for the baby’s back and place the phone’s mic against that spot; it’s closest to their heart. Monitor your own pulse to differentiate between yours and your baby’s. Your baby’s should be over 120BPM and higher pitched. It won’t be below 100BPM. A silent room, long recording, and strong heartbeat are required for accurate BPM.
– Bigger headphones are better. The loudest frequencies of the heart are very low, and small speakers and headphones won’t be able to play them.
– Take your phone out of its case. Boost the volume if needed and try to set the noise reduction so you can hear the beats but no white noise in-between.

NOTE: This is not a substitute for care from a medical professional. Contact a licensed physician for your prenatal care. If you have an emergency, call 911.