Frontu – Field Worker

Frontu – Field Worker

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  • Apr 2, 2015
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  • iOS 9.0 or later
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Frontu, which is customized to your sector, streamlines field service management, eliminates paper-based processes, reduces expenses, and provides clarity to your staff and clients. Frontu is a real-time communication tool designed for companies with mobile workers that links your office staff with your field service representatives:

  • Your field employee can make use of the customized software on his smartphone.
  • Through the web portal, a staff member in your office controls the procedure.
  • In mobile and web applications, your clients may manage and monitor tasks.

The following features are available in Frontu:

  • Assessment, tracking, and history of field service tasks in real time
  • Planned routes, a live map, and in-app navigation
  • Task revision and real-time new job alerts
  • The customer satisfaction evaluation and digital signatures
  • Digital copies of all your documents are always accessible right away.
  • Making comments and drawings on the images that have been taken
  • Offline mode
  • Integrating NFC, QR codes, and time-and-location tracking
  • Inventory tracking in real time
  • Data and statistics on past employment
  • The complete integration of various business management systems
  • Each and every task-related document associated with the job profile

Every industry has unique characteristics. With industry-specific add-ons, Frontu is made to be a versatile solution that can be adjusted to fit the particular needs of your company.

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