Geology Toolkit

Geology Toolkit

Andrei Ionut Apopei
  • Apr 21, 2016
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Geology Toolkit is your go-to resource whether you’re writing an essay, preparing for an exam, or just want to learn more or hone a pastime.

Geology Toolkit is an app that allows geologists, enthusiasts, and even children to analyze and explore minerals and rock features using a petrographic microscope or as hand specimens. It is incredibly useful, entertaining, and comprehensive.

This software serves as a guide for different kinds of rocks, minerals, and even fossils. You can learn to identify some of the rocks and minerals you come across with the help of the geology toolkit.

With the help of the Geology Toolkit, it is simpler to inspect a thin section and comprehend the distinctive qualities of each mineral or rock without the need for an expensive petrographic microscope. The app is primarily intended to be used as a guide for independent or supervised laboratory work by geoscience students and geologists. The fact that Geology Toolkit works offline is amazing.


  • Updates every month
  • Geology Fundamentals. Understanding the Earth and the processes that have shaped it from its early history to the present requires reading and learning, which is a necessity for everyone.
  • No ads and a user-friendly interface.
  • Materials for teaching with three-dimensional geological information that includes minerals, rocks, crystal structures, and crystal forms.
  • Using an image, you may identify common rocks and minerals.
  • Practice makes perfect with GeoQuizzes. With these quizzes, you can test your understanding of geological concepts from this program or from the classroom, laboratory, or field.
  • Over 100 fascinating geological questions are covered in this questions and answers section.
  • More than 500 fossil listings can be found in the app (vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants).
  • Crystal structures and crystal forms have symmetry components. An extensive searchable XRD mineral database has 6359 items.
  • The information provided in the gemstones section pertains to jewelry, precious metals, and mineral gemstones.
  • For field trips or lab work, various features are created as a guide. 117 of the most typical minerals were examined in thin sections under a microscope and captured in more than 500 photographs using both transmitted and reflected light. Rational and quick algorithm for mineral detection in thin sections. Search 5493 Mineral species in the Handbook of Mineralogy (mineral name, chemistry, elements, structural group name, and country of type locality).
  • There are 87 igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks included with their classification, thin-section images taken from hand specimens and microscopes, a fast identification flowchart, and other diagrams. A compendium of over 4164 rock kinds is available in the Handbook of Rocks (with description). Textures, maps, and minerals found in ore deposits.

The Geology Toolkit app can be used as a virtual guide in fields like Paleontology, Crystallography, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Ore Deposits, but it cannot take the place of formal classes or dedicated literature.


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