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Product Description

The Golden Quran offers you the latest Quranic programs that have been developed to serve the user using the latest technologies available. The Golden Quran Program is a specialized program to display the Holy Quran and recite it in a soft interactive way. The program employs the new environment on the iPhone and iPad, allowing the user to interact with the Holy Quran easily and with the preservation of the features of the Koran from the lines and inscriptions of verses and walls.

The most important features of the program:

1. Interact with the text of the Koran at the level of the verse, allowing the user to interact with the verses of the Koran (the reasons for descent, interpretation of the word, meaning of the word, listening, expression, eloquence, exchange, adding a sign, lexicon words, benefits).

2. The entire Qur’an is expressed from the Book of the Table in the interpretation of the Koran.

3. The rhetoric and exchange of verses of the Koran with many benefits of verses.

4. Feature selection among more than 60 book interpreters without having to download them. With the possibility of downloading them for use offline

5. A special section to listen to the Holy Quran in the voice of any reader and keep playing even in an inactive mode of application.

6. The ability to listen to the verses, full page or even the whole wall with more than 40 readers. The program provides many readers so that the listener can download any of the readers when needed.

7. Insert a special system to save the reading sites so that the reader can identify the page and save it to return.

8. The program provides the reader with the possibility to refer to the interpretation of any verse instantaneously by choosing the verse on the pages of the Koran.

9. The program displays the background of the pages in beautiful colors. The program also allows the reader to read the night and color the background in black and white lines to give the reader complete comfort when reading in low-light environments.

10. The program will facilitate the search of the text in the Quran verses through the instantaneous search and display results with the pages in addition to the ability to go to the page and shade the background of the chosen verse to make it easier for the user to know.

11. The application adds access to prayer times and Qibla direction with the possibility to receive notifications of prayer time from inside and outside the application.

12. The application adds the ability to create multiple copies of the Holy Quran so that each copy of the Holy Quran preserves its own independent properties from bookmarks, the last page that has been fixed, and the name of that Koran.

13. The application adds the Muslim Idkar feature so that the user can read many of the adverbs, including: morning and evening adverbs and many others. The application also facilitates the reading of the adjective in a distinctive way.

The program also provides many other features that help to read easy and easy.