Hair Clipper Prank, Fart Sound

Hair Clipper Prank, Fart Sound

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Good pranks are tried-and-true gags, tricks, and practical jokes that have been pulled on friends and family! Some practical jokes cause everyone to laugh heartily, while others only result in the prankster’s flushed face.


Hair Clipper

Your gadget will be transformed into a razor with Hair Clipper Prank and Fart Sound. Of fact, it was a humorous haircut prank among pals. This software can exactly replicate the sound and vibration of a natural hair clipper.

Even a proximity sensor is available for more natural hair clipper prank shaving. The Hair Clipper Prank and Fart Sound will play realistic shaving noises. However, the software is just intended to be used for pranks.


Make Me Bald Prank

The “Make Me Bald” effect will shave off all of your hair. You can also experiment with various bald haircuts. You can then examine your hairless self. You might post pictures of yourself without hair on social media. Enjoy yourself with your pals.


Funny Noise Pranks

Our free app has too many wonderful noises. In our app, you can hear white noise, police sirens, car horns, engine noises, doorbells, air horns, and burping sounds. You ought to look into it.


Broken Phone Screen Prank

What’s scarier than your phone falling to the ground on concrete? The point at which you must turn it over to reveal the damage. Any photo can be given cracks and scratches to make it appear like the screen is damaged. See how your pals react when you persuade them that it’s their fault!


Fart Noise Prank

Plan a nice fart, tuck your phone behind someone’s chair and go far enough away to appear innocent as the melodic sounds draw everyone in the office’s attention. Pranksters, keep it elegant and gassy.


Fake Video Call Prank

You will have access to hundreds of pranks after installing this prank caller software, as instructed by the app. You’ll have access to bogus calls from celebrities as well, right?

With the help of this prank dial, you will receive prank calls, including those from famous people. You will be able to hear them, pick the best one, add some extra details (like your friend’s phone number), and take pleasure in the outcome!


Laser Point Simulator

This prank app also features a fake laser prank game. On your phone, it acts as a laser pointer simulator. Enjoy the various laser colors, halos, and lights. The simulator merely simulates the use of a laser pointer; it won’t emit laser light from your gadget.


Lie Detector Prank & Vein Locator Prank

With your thumbprint scan, the hoax app Lie Detector attempts to identify whether you are telling the truth or lying. A vein locator simulates an examination of your body’s veins.



The hair clipper prank is a great way to laugh with friends and family. And, if you’re feeling really daring, you can even add a fart sound for an extra comedic effect. Just be sure to use appropriate discretion when choosing your victims — after all, not everyone appreciates being pranked!

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