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iBird Hawaii & Palau

iBird Hawaii & Palau

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INTRODUCTORY OFFER: For the next few days the new iBird Hawaii with the Palau database is on sale for only $9.99, that’s 50% off its $19.99 USD list price.

INCLUDES TWO DATABASES! We’ve added a whole new country; iBird Hawaii now adds to the 228 species of Hawaii another 169 amazing birds from the beautiful Island Nation of Palau. Now there are 397 species for no increase price.

IBIRD HAWAII & PALAU Guide to Birds—The first iBird app for birding in the tropics! Two years in the making, iBird Hawaii & Palau contains the 228 gorgeous endemic and non-native species found in all eight of the Hawai’i Islands. And we have just added another 169 species found on the famous island of Palau. Palau is an island in the Micronesian islands that was the location of a deadly battle in WW2. The indigenous people of Palau have spent the last 70 years restoring the island to its original ecological beauty. Its the home to some of the most incredible birds in the world. People who visit Hawaii often travel directly to Palau.

“If you’re looking for the most expansive digital key, the encyclopedia-like iBird excels. It has the most sophisticated algorithm, incorporates live location, shows search results in real time (with a slide show option) and has the most fine-grained advanced key choices.”
-The Quest for a Bird Identification Key by Diana Doyle in ABA BIRDING magazine, March/April 2014 issue

Why should you own iBird Hawaii & Palau?

? iBird’s intelligent “Percevia” search engine turns you into an expert and IDs your species.
? iBird Hawaii & Palau contains 1,000 Hawaiian and Palauan bird songs with multiple vocalizations and a sophisticated sound player.
? iBird Hawaii & Palau contains over 1,000 high-resolution, hand-drawn, color illustrations of all 397 species along with field mark overlays (which you can turn on and off) to help you recognize the primary identification marks.
? iBird Hawaii & Palau includes our exceptional Birds Around Me (BAM) search feature which generates a list of just those birds that are located near your GPS location in Hawaii or Palau. You set the radius in miles and the season of the year and iBird returns a match list of what’s inside the circle.
? iBird Hawaii & Palau includes 37 different search attributes covering everything from color, habitat, size, patterns, bill shape, crown color and many more. When used with BAM you’ll never run out of ways to slice and dice your match lists. For example, you could filter your list by shape to just see pelagic, chicken-like marsh birds, etc. within your GPS radius.

Check out these addition features of iBird Hawaii & Palau:
? Photos. An extensive collection of photos from professionals accompanies all the illustrations including 1,500 Hawaii and 900 Palau photographs.
? Search for any bird by entering a species Band Code, its Common or Latin Name.
? Favorites, Notes and Lists. Lets you pick birds to add to custom lists, back them up to free Dropbox, sync and share among other iBird apps or send them to your friends.
? Sort and View Modes. Sort species by name or family and view by compact, icon, and thumbnail or gallery mode.
? Photo Center. Add your own photos to the species accounts; share them with friends by email, Facebook or Twitter.
? Sound Player displays spectrogram and amplitude waveforms, the location where the recording was made, plays vocalizations and lists phonetics.
? Slideshow. Choose species you want to learn about and the app will present photos and/or illustrations accompanied by songs and calls.
? Flickr option allows you to see all the photos others have stored on Yahoo’s Flickr site for a chosen species.

? MACWORLD’S “BEST REFERENCE APP 2009: 4 ½ out of 5 mice.”

(1) Note iBird Hawaii requires iOS 7, 8 or higher.
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