MileBug – Mile Tracker & Log

MileBug – Mile Tracker & Log

Izatt International
  • Paid Finance Apps
  • 2008-08-20
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 3.6
  • 2.99$

MileBug is a reliable GPS mile tracker that makes it easy to keep track of your trips and related costs so you can get the tax deduction you deserve.



  • CSV forms make it easy to export Drive reports to Excel or spreadsheets.
  • Easily email your drive reports.
  • NEW MileBug Cloud using Google Firebase ($1.99 IAP)
  • Save a file from a drive to your computer using iTunes File Sharing. Even if you lose or break your phone, you can put it back on the same or a different device.



  • Get $5.45 in deductions for every 10 business miles tracked in 2018.
  • Save on battery life over other mile trackers that are constantly running
  • No expensive monthly tracking fee
  • Track trip-related expenses for even more tax savings



  • Full GPS path tracking (w/MAP DISPLAY)
  • This GPS mile tracker drops a pin on the map view every 1/10 mile (approx). Edit the trip by dragging pins.
  • Create custom categories for drive purposes


Full Feature List

  • Track miles/km for MULTIPLE businesses
  • Track miles/km for MULTIPLE charities
  • Track miles/km for “Medical” or even “Other”
  • Create your own expense categories
  • Tracks your trips using GPS (full path on map)
  • Data backup via MileBug Cloud ($1.99 IAP)
  • Data backup via iTunes File Sharing
  • INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: km/miles, custom rates, etc.
  • Use Frequent Trips to save time
  • Set up multiple vehicles…and name them!
  • Custom Field per Trip, sortable in reports (e.g., client, project, etc.)
  • Odometer screen updates when changing vehicles
  • Automatically opens to Edit for incomplete trip
  • Designed to be IRS compliant
  • Setup frequent destinations and purposes for easy use later
  • Easily edit/delete/reorder Presets (see blog for more info:
  • Email HTML and Excel-friendly (CSV) reports
  • Define the date range of each report
  • See report totals by business and vehicle
  • Presets allow for trip recording with simple finger taps
  • Clear Trips List when you want a fresh start
  • See the deduction amount for each trip
  • An incomplete trip badge on the home screen icon
  • Intuitive native iPhone/iPad interface
  • Choose the start screen in Settings
  • How few miles will it take you to pay for MileBug?



MileBug is a helpful app for tracking your mileage and keeping logs of your trips. It’s great for both personal and business use, and it’s free to download. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your mileage, we recommend giving MileBug a try.

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