Pandora Music

Pandora Music

Pandora Media, Inc.
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  • 2008-07-11
    Release date
  • iOS 10.0 +
  • 1803.2
  • FREE

Pandora is an online music streaming service with an automated recommendation system. Based on your votes, Pandora recommends similar songs.  Pandora is the application for you if you’re looking for new music but don’t know where to begin. 

Pandora uses an advanced algorithm to suggest new songs based on the tracks you like. You’ll receive a new tune to listen to everyday since the software considers over 450 musical characteristics. You’ll get original, high-quality music. If you think a song is a knock-off, use their built-in detection machine to ensure all music is genuine and of the highest quality. 


Listening to Music

You can listen to pre-made channels or create your own. Follow other users’ playlists and discover a new music preference. 

Every 3 to 4 tracks, you can listen to music with advertisements between them for free. Every hour, you can skip up to six songs. You get more song replays and more skips by watching advertisements. 

Subscribe to Pandora and listen to your favorite songs without advertisements and wherever you go. When you join, you will get a better quality of music and an ad-free listening experience. You may also censor explicit lyrics in songs using Pandora. 



Pandora is available on mobile and web browsers. You can download it on iOS devices, Android mobile phones, and tablets, as well as on mobile and desktop browsers. 



Although Spotify and Apple Music are similar, Pandora outweighs them massively. Its attentiveness to music recommendations and programs to eliminate “knock-off” songs gives it the advantage. 



Pandora is innovative with its features and unique from other streaming services. It isn’t as popular as other software such as Spotify and Apple Music, but definitely should be.

Pandora is built around listening to music. You can discover new music and create playlists using the various elements the service offers. You can even watch the occasional ad to get more skips or listen with better quality.

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