Period Diary (Period, Fertile & Ovulation Tracker)

Period Diary (Period, Fertile & Ovulation Tracker)
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  • 2011-05-19
    Release date
  • iOS 8.0 +
  • 3.6
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Period Diary is a unique, fully animated and the most complete period and ovulation tracker. This sophisticated and unique product makes your everyday life easier, and it is incredibly simple to use.
Whether you need help planning your pregnancy, or want to avoid missing taking the pill, we’ve got you covered! Join many satisfied women who have made their lives simpler by tracking your symptoms, planning your activities and taking control of your life!

– Track your period, ovulation, fertility, notes, symptoms, moods, weight and more
– Automatic prediction of your period, ovulation, fertility (excellent for activity planning)
– A display of all your symptoms and notes on the calendar
– Pregnancy Mode
– Passcode protection
– Discreet icon name “P.D.”
– 3 completely integrated application skins
– Social Forum (connect with women around the globe)
– Excellent user support
– Charts
– Over 30 symptoms
– Over 20 moods
– Sync with Calendar
– Period notifications
– Fertile notifications
– E-mailing your data (Export)
– Unlimited notes and more…

-Period Diary relies on two scientifically proven formulas to deliver you the most accurate predictions for your cycle!
-Free from any hidden in-app purchases or ads

Period Diary is easy to use, once you download it you will start to wonder how you were able to live without this amazing health app all this time! Its elegant interface and numerous features are the answer to all of your female health-related problems. If you feel lost and want to know more about your health, you can find out more about your symptoms. You can even connect with other women on the Social Forum and discuss your issues. And if you have any problems with the app, our excellent user support is always here to help!

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