Peterson Bird Field Guide

Peterson Bird Field Guide

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  • 2010-12-18
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With Peterson’s pioneering Bird Field Identification Guide, you can instantly recognize birds you see in your garden, on your way to work, or a hike. Our time-honored illustrations and the method of displaying similar-looking birds will help you compare quickly. 

This comprehensive mobile resource includes information from 8 Peterson Field Guide books, including the best-selling guide to birds in print – Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America.


Free version

Give the free version a shot today! You can test out a small portion of the extensive resources provided by this version before deciding to upgrade. 


Premium version

You can upgrade to the Premium Version for a one-time in-app purchase to get the best value. Lifetime access to the following is included with the Premium Version

  • 800+ species of birds to explore
  • Create checklists, annotate sightings
  • Listen to each bird’s vocalizations
  • Unlimited access to all illustrations, range maps, & nest photos


App Features

  • With one click, Peterson Birds compares similar species based on sight, song, and range. 
  • Excellent, organized illustrations allow you to swipe through pages to identify birds quickly. 
  • Take advantage of the intelligent search feature to locate the birds living near you. If unsure what you want, you can browse the various species alphabetically. 
  • Create your Species Notebook with user photos, make custom lists of birds, record your sightings, share individual sightings and lists with friends via email or social media, and check birds off your life list.
  • Every week, the app connects to, a Cornell University database that tracks the frequency of every bird recorded in your county. For more information, please visit 



Peterson Field Guide to Birds is the most comprehensive and up-to-date field guide available. The simple, easy-to-use interface makes quick bird identification possible even for beginners. Peterson Field Guide to Birds is perfect for birders who want to do their birding on the go. If you wish to identify the birds in your backyard or on vacation, Peterson Field Guide to Birds has everything you need to help you identify birds.

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