Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO

Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO

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  • 2011-10-21
    Release date
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • 3.5.3
  • 3.99$

Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO is an activity tracking application for road biking journeys. The application can keep track of duration, distance, elevation, speed, and calorie consumption. Users may search for routes, receive voice coaching, and listen to their music during a bike ride. 

Social media sharing and weather & wind forecasts are also included. This application is the PRO version. A free version is also available. 


How to Use?

When you begin using any of Runtastic’s workout apps, whether it be Runtastic PRO for Android or Runtastic PRO for iPhone, you’ll find the regular user account setup directions requesting a birthday, weight, height, sex, and so on. These data determine how many calories you’ll burn throughout your workout. 

A few varieties of bicycling as an activity are also supported. You may choose cycling, race cycling, or hand biking when you begin a new tracking session. Cyclemeter, on the other hand, gives you a lot of alternatives: regular bicycling, bicycling for distance, bicycling for time, and cycling intervals. Mountain biking is also available in Cyclemeter, an indoor cycling function that tracks your workout if it’s snowing outside. 

Before recording begins on a ride, the app gives you an extra 30 seconds (adjustable) to position your iPhone before taking off. If you wish to skip the wait time, you may do so. 



It’s nice to have the ability to receive real-time voice notifications as you cross each mile marker. You can set the device to tell you whatever metrics you desire, including pace, speed, distance, time, calories burned, heart rate, and bike cadence if you have a Runtastic heart rate monitor or bicycle cadence meter (Opens in a new window). You can also set the device to speak in six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese. It comes with a male or female voice in English and Japanese. 

The app connects with your tunes, as you might anticipate, and provides a power song option you can utilize when you need a boost. 

I also like that after a ride, the app provides you with additional information you can add if you want, such as emoticons to express your mood, the weather, the temperature (which records automatically based on your location), and a notes field. If you’re a meticulous record keeper, you’ll love being able to note whether you rode while injured or just in a bad mood. 

My favorite function is the map. After you finish a ride, the application displays a heat map of your route, and you can select which factor it tracks. For example, the speed map shows red for your highest speeds and green for your slowest, with yellow and orange in between. If you switch the variable to elevation, you may notice that your slower speeds reflect increases in height. 

Various gadgets are integrated into the app, including heart rate monitors, cadence meters, and speed sensors that communicate using ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart. Runtastic makes its heart rate monitor and cadence meter, which you may connect to the biking app. 

Using this app, you can download a local map before you set out for the road. Offline maps are one of the app’s well-designed features. The app will tell you how big the saved file will be before you save it, so you can zoom in and out of the map. 



The Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO is a great activity tracker application for endurance athletes who are serious about training and their performance. The app offers a lot of valuable data and can help you keep a training diary. While riding, the app gives you real-time coaching from your favorite artist via voice or text message. You can also share your journey on social media. 

The Runtastic Road Bike app is one of the best iPhone bicycling apps. It provides a wealth of information in a clear and easy-to-use interface, and it is accurate and effective.

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