Siren Head – Video call prank

Siren Head – Video call prank

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Surprise your friends with this hilarious fake call app. Receive a Siren Head Video call and have fun with this video. This app is part of the Henderson universe if you love the cosmos. Choose among different characters and make a video with them. 


  • Chat and talk with Siren Head in a fake call.
  • Fake Video call with Lamp Head, Cartoon Cat, or Huggy Wuggy characters (extra characters).
  • Make a fake video call siren head recording the reaction of your child, friend, or family. He will think that it is real!
  • Siren Head Video Call and Huggy Wuggy Video Call for free!

Be warned!

Highly addictive! Trick Your Friends With A Prank Phone Call. Fake dial a prank Call or Fake Prank Caller with your smartphone.


Do you love prank calls? Do you have a favorite prank call? Everyone does! Now, you can make a prank call without any trouble. This app will help you to prank your friends. Receive a prank call from the siren head! Fake dial a prank call now! Siren Head Video Call and Huggy Wuggy Video Call for free!

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