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Product Description

Use the official Spritz reading technology to read SparkNotes!

Spritz displays one word at a time, eliminating the need to scan the text in order to read efficiently. Spritz provides a reticle at the ideal position in a word to allow your mind to comprehend each word despite seeing it for only a fraction of a second. Read up to 1000 words per minute while maintaining or improving your current comprehension. The average person reads at about 250 words per minute.

At 550 wpm, you can read a Spark Notes plot summary in just over 2 minutes!

This app provides many features build on top of the Spritz technology, including:
– Select from 40 reading speeds up to 1000 wpm
– Seek to any word in the chapter using an intuitive slider
– Pause, play, rewind a sentence, and restart with a tap

You will be prompted to register for (or login) a free spritz account in order to take advantage of all the reading features