DDP Yoga by Diamond Dallas Page – Promo Codes

DDP Yoga by Diamond Dallas Page – Promo Codes


DDP Yoga is a health and fitness app where wrestling star turned yoga guru Diamond Dallas Page leads you through yoga exercises. The exercises are low impact and easy on your joints and muscles, but increase in difficulty depending on your experience and give a great full-body workout. The app, called DPP Yoga NOW live streams workouts as well so you can always have a new routine to follow on top of the assortment of recorded workouts.

Besides fitness videos, the app includes handy tracking software, food and nutrition guides, an online community, and more.

All the workouts can be done from your home and you don’t need anything beyond a yoga mat (no bands, dumbbells, boxes — NOTHING except a yoga mat).

Is it Free?

There is a free 7-day trial you can start off with to see if the app is worth it to you. After the trial, you need to become a paying member, which is easier to do with the frequent coupon codes offered by DDP and his company.

How Much Does it Cost?

These may change over time, but as of 2020 the subscription fees are:

1-month membership = $29.99 a month

3-month membership = $39.99 a month

1-year membership = $107.88 a year

Is there a free trial, discount, or coupon code?


DDP Yoga usually offers coupon codes around the usual holidays like Christmas and Black Friday as well as ones like Father’s Day, New Year’s, and more.

25% OFF All DVDs
Expires: June 21, 2020

30% OFF All DVDs
Expires: ??

Code: Jericho
Discount: ??
Expires: ??