Fake Call from Santa – Talk to Santa Claus Prank

Fake Call from Santa – Talk to Santa Claus Prank

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Are you looking for Fake Call Santa Claus app that looks real?
Do you want to tease friends and have fun with them like they are getting a call from Santa in real life?

This Santa Call Simulation app helps you make a fake video call to your friend or family members who still believe you can speak with santa. Prank your siblings, friends or coworkers, or warm children hearts with this real santa claus call app. Let them speak to Santa over a prank call Santa ID.

?Fake Call from Santa – Talk to Santa Claus Prank (SIMULATED) 


Christmas time just got more exciting with this fake santa calling app. Use this Prank call Santa app to have santa call, speak to Santa & fool others with a realistic Santa Call Simulation. You will receive a realistic call from Santa with options to accept or reject the call as if the real deal is really calling you! Upon receiving the call from santa you will hear the most iconic laugh of all the time “HO HO HO!!” with a “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”. You will have a wonderful time ?


Pick from 7 videos & receive fake video call from Santa. Tune into fake incoming call fun and prank your friends with Santa call simulation app. * In the “video call option”, you will be able to select from 7 of the most handsome Santas (one of them is a kitty) to call.

Call Santa in your free time. Call Santa before bed or video call santa before going to work. With the latest version you can add your own santa video and make things even funnier.

Our free santa claus call app now also features the ability to text santa claus. So besides the fake santa claus call now you can chat with santa and enjoy even more complete & hilarious santa pranks. See them smiling when they receive message from santa and the North Pole.


There are seven Santas for you to choose for video call. One of them is….a cat! You can have a wonderful time with Santa’s HO HO HO laughters, Santa’s well wishes for Christmas, and Meow Meow Meow!! The choice is yours!

How to use Fake Call from Santa – and get a call from santa?

* Pick between chat, phone call or video call

* If you choose video, select from the 7 videos

* Enjoy the call or capture a screenshot of your video call Santa of our Fake Call From Santa App on social media.


* You can entertain people with a santa claus call & be sure that on xmas holiday your friends will be surprised when they see you call Santa! Call Santa or facetime Santa. Have fun. Just start video calling Santa or his reindeer, his elf even!

* With Fake incoming Call from Santa, you can call Santa if you are lonely you can converse with the legend of Christmas, talk with Santa, call Santa.

* Capture a screenshot of you calling Santa and post the cool santa video call world to know that you and Santa are very close!

*Receive a real video call santa when your girlfriend is asking you to take her out! Take the call and tell her you need to be elsewhere for Christmas! Santa is calling, it’s important ? Really

* Surprise your friends, children, nephews, grandson, granddaughters with a call from Santa and spread joy.

Christmas is all about being happy with those you love and when you speak to Santa you can brighten up anyone’s day. Or break the boredom and use Fake Call from Santa – Speak to Santa Claus Prank to call your friends and make fake Santa prank video call to your friends.

?Download NOW & Get Fake Call from Santa – Talk to Santa Claus Prank today!

* Disclaimer: app intended for entertainment purposes only. Calls and video calls from Santa are simulated. The app does not let you talk with the real Santa Claus.

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