How Old do I Look- Gissa ålder

How Old do I Look- Gissa ålder

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Hur gammal är jag funktioner – How old am I features

• Skanna ålder – Scan Visible Age:
Hur gammal ser jag ut – How old do I look app scans & does face analysis to find out visible age using advance AI technology.

Use of Visible Age feature
>> Whether you look younger, older & how old do you actually look?
>> Kontrollera din riktiga ansiktsålder – Check your real face age.
>> Figure out how people perceive your age by your photo on social media.
>> Verify your photo age before you share it.
>> Hitta min ålder – Find my age.
>> Gissa min ålder – Guess my age.

• Foto vädjan – Photo Appeal
How attractive do you look feature scans & does face analysis using golden face ratio, face shape, face emotions, make up, hair color, blad percentage.

Use of How attractive am I feature
>> Vad snygg du ser ut – How pretty do you look.
>> Hur varmt är ditt foto – How hot is your photo.
>> Attractiveness meter.
>> Attractive test.
>> Beauty calculator.
>> Är bilden ful eller vacker – Is photo is ugly or beautiful.
>> Beauty score.
>> Skönhetsskanning – Beauty scan.
>> Golden ratio beauty calculator.
>> Answers am I handsome & am I pretty.
>> Provides Pretty scale, beauty scale & attractive scale.
>> Skönhetsdetektor – Beauty detector.
>> Gissa min skönhet – Guess my prettiness.
>> Betygsätt ditt utseende – Rate your look.

• Skallighet – Baldness or Hair Loss Test
Hair Loss test & baldness test uses face analysis modern technology

Use of Baldness or Hair Loss Test
>> How bald you look.
>> Provides bald percentage.
>> Hair loss percentage.
>> Skallig blick – Bald look.

• Does my hairs turn gray test?
Gray hair scan uses face analysis to provide color percentage.

Use of grayhair test
>> Ser du gammal ut? – Are you looking old?.

• Makeup eller ingen makeup look? – Makeup or no makeup look?

Use of makeup detector
>> Find out whether your friend has put on makeup.
>> Whether people are thinking that you have put on makeup.

• Lägg till citat till selfies – Add Quote to selfie

Use of Add Quote to selfie
>> You can add different quotes images to your selfie.
>> You can make Quote selfie frame.

• Önskas affischram – Wanted Poster Frame

You can make wanted poster frame from your picture.

• Fängelse, Jail Selfie – Prison, Jail Selfie

You can make Jail, Prison, fence poster frame from your picture.

•.Fotopussel – Photo Puzzle

Own selfie Photo Puzzle game

• Läppstift Kiss Mark selfie – lipstick Kiss Mark selfie

Automatically Create Lipstick kiss mark picture

The app can recognize multiple people in the image. Treat this app as fun & entertainment to play around with friends & family.

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