Hunter Star: Clean the Universe!

Hunter Star: Clean the Universe!

Saien Game Studio
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Welcome to Hunter Star! In this free arcade game you will have to try your hand at hunting anomalous stars (Red and Blue) and encourage the descent of normal yellow stars.

Here’s how Hunter Star works in a nutshell:

Hunter Star has two modes, normal and hard.
Unlike the hard mode in Hunter Star, the red, blue and yellow stars fall much faster. In addition, the stars will appear much faster!
The goal of Hunter Star is to eliminate all blue and red stars, while you have to let the yellow ones go down.
In order to be able to hunt the stars you will have to use the rotating movement of the two connected star catchers.
If you accidentally hit a red star with the blue star catcher, you will receive a penalty for a few seconds and the rotary motion will be reduced.
If you accidentally drop a blue or red star, you will lose a point, and when you can catch one you will gain a point.

It may seem very easy, but in Hunter Star the more your score grows the more complicated it gets.

Right! Time to go, have fun hunting anomalous stars from the universe, and share your best Hunter Star scores with your friends!
Good luck hunter!

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