Hunting Season Countdown

Hunting Season Countdown

Hunting Season Countdown

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iOS 5.0 +


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Product Description

Countdown to hunting season!

• Add a Photo!
• Customize with name and season!
• No Ads
• Share via Twitter/Email/SMS/Facebook!


1. Set the Date
Set the date of the game season you are anticipating and the app immediately calculates the time until that hunting season starts!

2. Add a Photo
Take a picture of what you are hunting or something from your last hunting trip! Use the built-in camera or add one from the camera roll.

3. Share the Countdown
Tell your friends and fellow hunters how long until hunting season by sending an update via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter. Also includes a screenshot (excluding SMS) of the countdown, as well as how many months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until you are hunting!

4. Schedule Alerts
Hunting Season Countdown will send you alerts as often as you wish, to let you know how long until the big day. You can also set “Special Occasion” alerts to be notified exactly one year/month/week/day/hour before the season starts!

5. Share on Twitter and Facebook!
Share your #HuntingSeason status on Twitter and Facebook. It’s all built in for you and also includes a screenshot of your countdown!

6. Customize the App
Use one of our built-in phrases (e.g. “…until hunting season starts!”) or create your own!