MISTPLAY: Rewards For Playing Games

MISTPLAY: Rewards For Playing Games

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Henri-Charles Machalani founded Mistplay in 2017. This mobile app allows you to earn rewards for playing video games. The goal is to get the mobile game to market and gauge public perception. Mobile game developers must do so to succeed. Because mobile app development is so competitive, using a reward platform such as Mistplay is one strategy. With that in mind, the games-for-rewards approach is not exclusive to Mistplay. 



The countries supported by Mistplay at the time of writing are the United States, Canada, Singapore, and many European countries. It is crucial to be based in one of these countries. You can determine your eligibility by visiting the Google Play Store. Based on the country you are accessing the store from, it will tell you whether you are eligible. 



You will require a suitable smartphone to use Mistplay, mainly since you will play games. However, you don’t need a super-expensive device; you need the capacity to download and install apps.
Unfortunately, Mistplay isn’t compatible with iOS devices. To play on Mistplay, you must have an Android device. Fortunately, the site states that support for iOS is in the works. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this will occur. 


How to gain rewards on Mistplay

Playing a Game

The majority of games that we came across required 2-5 minutes of play, although some needed more time. In these cases, you will earn a fixed number of points for playing the game

The number of points you earn from a game will vary. You can see this before you begin playing, so always start with the games offering the highest rewards. 


Achieving Gaming Goals

It’s a known fact that some users will just open the game, meet the minimum time required to receive a reward, and then close the application. By playing the game for a more extended time and accomplishing specific objectives, you stand to earn much more. 


Rating and Reviews

Developers are hopeful that you will spend time testing their games out, but what they want is feedback. After all, providing their games on the Mistplay platform and paying out rewards is primarily meant to gauge public opinion. 

You won’t be awarded extra points for being honest here; the developers are looking for constructive feedback. By doing so, they can go back to the drawing board and make the necessary tweaks if specific issues have been identified. 


Is Mistplay Worth Joining?

The main objective of Mistplay is to get people engaged with the games and make them love them. The ecosystem is based on a system of rewards based on the number of hours you play the game.

This means the more time you spend on the game, the more rewards you get. The good news is that you can earn Mistcoins for every hour spent in the game.

In addition, you will also be able to buy merchandise from the in-game store using your rewards and play games that aren’t available on the platform.

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