MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client

MobileIron [email protected]™ Client

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  • 2009-07-27
    Release date
  • iOS 8.0 +
  • 9.7.2
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To make it simple for you to access email and other business resources, MobileIron’s [email protected] securely links your iOS device to your corporate network.


Best Technology

  • Designed specifically for mobile IT, with millions of users worldwide
  • Complete division of personal and corporate data
  • More than 500 Global 2000 clients
  • A satisfaction rate for customer service of more than 97%



Visual privacy capabilities offer transparency by enabling employees to see precisely which data and activities their organization can take on the device.


Fast Access

Immediate access to the company’s calendar, contacts, and email



Automatically join the workplace VPN and Wi-Fi networks.


Easy & Secure

Anywhere you are, find and download applications connected to your line of workautomated adherence to organizational security guidelines.


Find my Phone

Remotely manage and find lost or stolen devices.



From the time you first use your device to access email and other business resources, [email protected] securely links your iOS device to your corporate network.

It keeps employees connected and productive on the road with applications optimized for mobile workplace devices.

With the suitable device and setup, the [email protected] platform makes the right IT equipment, including mobile devices, available to your employees when they need it most. And because it is built on a single platform, you can deploy and manage it with a few clicks — no more cumbersome device management solutions.

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