Plumbing Formulator

Plumbing Formulator

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For the benefit of HVAC installers and plumbers, the PLUMBING FORMULATOR includes over 120 formulas. Pipe wall areas are computed by the application. It determines how much certain pipes weigh. The final temperature after mixing two bodies of water is likewise calculated by the PLUMBING FORMULATOR. Radiant heat, pipe expansion, and heat loss are all calculated. To determine the area and volume of objects with different shapes, the Plumbing Formulator provides a number of formulas. Numerous conversions are also included in the application, ranging from square feet to square inches to pounds to square feet of water.

PLUMBING FORMULATOR allows users to print and email every result. Favorites and recently used formulas are also available for selection. Updates to the application that introduce new formulas will be released in the upcoming months. Simply send us an email and let us know of any missing formulas; we’ll do our best to add them in the upcoming release.

Here are a few of the Formulas included in the PLUMBING FORMULATOR:

HVAC: Fresh Air in Room, Heat Loss, Building Heat Loss, Water Chilling load, Coefficient of Performance, Length of Pipe, Cooling Load in Ls/Tons, Final Temperature When Water is Mixed, and Water Required.

PIPING: Pressure of Pipe, Area of Pipe Wall, Weight of Steel Pipe, Weight of Cast Iron Pipe, Weight of Copper Pipe, Hazen William Friction Loss, Expansion in Plastic Piping, Pipe Length Change Due to Temperature, Piping Gate Valves, Piping Elbows, Chase Depth, Chase Width, 45 Degree Offset, and Total Fall.

PUMPS: Velocity Head, Water Horsepower, Pipe Velocity, Efficiency of Pump, Brake Horsepower –Pump, Pressure, Brake Horsepower Motor, and Head Feet.

WATER HEATERS: Gallons Per Hour of Gas, BTU input, and Domestic Daily Hot Water Usage.

WATER FLOW: Volume of Water Flow, Optimum Water Flow, Velocity of Water, Supply Water Rate, and Pipes Total Dimension.

CHARTS: Numerous plumbing charts.

BOOK: How to build a plumbing design instruction manual.


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