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Shopee is a Southeast Asian eCommerce platform that has grown in popularity in Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. It is a consumer-focused tech firm that gives consumers access to many goods. Sellers of all sizes, like those on eBay and Amazon in North America, may sell on their platforms. 


How does Shopee work?

Shoppers can search for items on Shopee by typing in a keyword or category, just like other online stores. The homepage frequently displays day-long flash sales and limited-time special offers to entice clientele looking for bargains. Customers can also shop by region. When a shopper lands on the homepage, they can click their nation’s flag and be directed to the country-specific store supporting their currency. 


How does Shopee earn money?

Shopee charges retailers a commission fee for each sale. They also earn money from advertisements from individual retailers and merchants. They function as a matchmaker between sellers and buyers, taking a portion of each transaction to facilitate it. Because Shopee is a marketplace company like Alibaba, AliExpress, and eBay, its business model is similar. 

Shopee is a mobile platform, and it has become popular, according to Oberlo. Mobile shopping accounts for 72% of online sales, more than desktop shopping. These eCommerce platforms use the same model and receive their income similarly. 


Is Shopee safe?

Shopee, a large e-commerce website, is not immune to fraud. Some individuals exploit customers through online shopping scams. Some scams seek bank account, payment, account, or parcel information. Fortunately, Shopee informs its customers of the scams they have witnessed and how to avoid them. Some of Shopee’s stated safety measures and recommendations include: 

  • Shopee supports a policy to prevent the sale of fake items
  • Shopee bans users who violate their policies related to listing products, and if the system detects them, they are automatically excluded. Sometimes, they may be permanently banned to safeguard their shopping community and retailers. 
  • Shopee protects buyers by withholding payments to sellers until the order is received via an escrow service. 
  • It’s essential to update your password regularly and thoroughly read seller feedback before making a purchase, Shopee advises. 


Final thoughts

Shopee is one of the biggest eCommerce sites in Southeast Asia, with over 2 million active monthly users. The company offers over 200,000 products and services from over 5,000 sellers in 18 countries. It also provides a mobile app and website in several languages. 

For brands, Shopee is an excellent way to reach out to consumers; for retailers, it is a great way to reach shoppers. 

Unfortunately, Shopee has been on the front lines with counterfeits. The USTR has highlighted Shopee as a notorious market due to the proliferation of counterfeit products on the website. While Shopee does an excellent job of preventing counterfeits, it still faces challenges.

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