Wealthfront: Save and Invest

Wealthfront: Save and Invest

Wealthfront, Inc.
  • Dec 21, 2015
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  • iOS 14.0 or later
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Wealthfront lets you work less and earn more. Our technology makes it simple to maximize profits, reduce taxes, and easily accumulate wealth.


We’ll offer a tailored, automated portfolio based on your answers to a few questions. The trades will be managed by us, and we’ll reinvest your dividends to automatically reduce your taxes.


Start with either our Socially Responsible or Classic portfolios, which are designed for investing with a good social impact. Your allocations or investments are always subject to change. Investigate hundreds of funds in areas including social responsibility, sustainable development, healthcare, technology, cannabis, and even cryptocurrency.

The clean energy chart is only being shown for demonstration purposes and is not being offered as a solicitation or a suggestion. It is also not based on client performance.

Wealthfront Brokerage LLC (“Wealthfront Brokerage”), a FINRA/SIPC member, provides the Cash Account. Cash Account is not a checking or savings account, nor is Wealthfront Brokerage or any of its affiliates. We transfer money to our partner banks, who also offer interest rates, manage and accept deposits, and offer FDIC insurance.

»»» You can now access checking functionality thanks to our collaboration with Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. The Cash Account’s checking services are subject to Green Dot Bank’s identity verification process. The following registered trade names are used by Green Dot Bank to do business: GO2bank, GoBank, Green Dot Bank, and Bonneville Bank. These registered trade names all refer to the same FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank, which uses them all. Any deposits made with Green Dot Bank under one of these trading names are combined for the purposes of deposit insurance. Green Dot Bank does not offer any services or products from Wealthfront. Green Dot is a trademark that Green Dot Corporation has registered. ©2021 Green Dot Corporation. All rights reserved.

The checking features come with additional costs. Fee-free ATM access is only available at in-network ATMs. There will be a $2.50 cost plus any additional fees the owner or bank may impose for using out-of-network ATMs and bank teller services. There may be additional qualifying restrictions for sending a check and mobile check deposit. To learn more, check the Deposit Account Agreement.

» Wealthfront Advisers LLC (“Wealthfront Advisers”), an SEC-registered investment adviser, offers investment management and consulting services.

A solicitation, offer, or suggestion to buy or sell any security should not be inferred from anything in this communication as tax advice. Links to other server sites are given for your convenience. Unless otherwise specified, they do not imply that Wealthfront Advisers or its affiliates support, sponsor, promote, or otherwise have any connection to the owners of, or participants in, other sites or the content found there.

All forms of investing have risk, including the potential loss of your initial investment, and previous performance does not guarantee future results. Important details can be found in our Full Disclosure.

Both Wealthfront Advisers and Wealthfront Brokerage are 100 % owned subsidiaries of Wealthfront Corporation.

© 2021 Wealthfront Corporation. All rights reserved.

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